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Tours & Travel in Morocco

Tours & Travel in Morocco

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Marrakech tours

The Marrakech city tour takes you first to explore the ancient city of Medina and the revamped sultan palaces. It is an opportunity to admire the iconic Majorelle Garden, a masterpiece of the famous French designer Yves Saint-Laurent. Then, spend the next day taking a camel ride and quad biking tours along the dunes and deserts of Marrakech. On the third day, enjoy the thrilling hot-air balloon ride over the Atlas Mountains. This 5-hour ride will make your trip memorable. Next, appreciate the beauty of the Marrakech unique landscape with fascinating waterfalls at Ouzoud Falls. Then, on the following day, the tours take you to a camel ride to the Atlas Mountains, where the view of the landscape is breathtaking. Then, a guided visit to the scenic 3 valleys of Marrakech enables you to discover the local culture and the villagers’ lifestyle. It is equally worth visiting the 4 famous valleys, which are Oukaimeden, Ourika, Asni Valleys, and Sidi Fares on another day of the tour. 

Fes Tours

These tours focus on the oldest city in Morocco, which features marvelous sites. First, stroll along the narrow paved streets of Medina and discover the ancient mosques. Then, you should not miss the Medina and the sprawling Souks of the Fes, the traditional Moroccan marketplaces, with a maze of alleys, to shop for souvenirs. There, visit the Chouara tannery, and buy spices and local delicacies. The next day, know more about the history of the old city, go to the Bahia Palace in Fes el Bali, which is a much loved destination. The Royal Palace of the sultan is located in the 80 hectares of grounds in Fes. Its 7 golden gates are amazing sights to the visiting public. The palace is beautiful in its architecture and design. After that day, head to Borj Nord and visit the Arms Museum and the Merenid Tombs; and then, cross the valley to discover the military monument of BorjSud. 

Fes to Merzouga tours

Originating from Mali, Merzouga is where the Malian people reside. The first day of these tours starts with a discovery of their lifestyle and the architecture of their location. Additionally, learn about their tradition and music with the help of the guide. The next destination takes you to the Miffis Mines where those Malians work. Then, on another day, take a camel ride and explore the Erg Chebbi dunes; experience the thrilling sandboarding down the dunes. The sand dunes reach up to 350 meters high and 5 kilometers wide, from the top of which the view is amazing. Next, learn how to set up a tent and what safety precautions to take while riding a camel from the local Bedouins. The tours continue to the Middle Atlas Mountains, which is home to the Barbarian Apes. 

Casablanca to Tangier tours

The tours begin with a stopover at Chefchaouen, rif mountains of the Medina where the Blue City is located. The blue and while houses are among the famous landmarks of Casablanca – which means “white house”. Then, walk along the rif mountains to meet the local people, to shop for souvenirs at the craft market, or simply taste the local food.  Then, on the day after, the trip continues to Tangier, where to visit historical places and learn history. For a vibrant outdoor night, you should not miss the Grand Succo, a popular venue for the night. Explore the historical kasbah, great defensive walls; and continue the tour to New Town; then walk up to the Carmen-Macein Museum. On the following day, travel to the High Atlas Mountains, a great place for sightseeing and admiring the view. The next stop is at Asilah, a popular place for art lovers. Then, take pictures of the largest artificial port of Casablanca, Berber.