Where to take the best pictures in Morocco?

Where to take the best pictures in Morocco?

Morocco is rich in cultural and historical sites. To have a great memory of your trip in the gem of Northern Africa, explore the best spots for great pictures in Morocco. 

Beautiful Gardens

The Menara botanical gardens are beautiful with their lovely pool where the view of the sunset is breathtaking. Unwind at the sight of fish of different colors which inhabit the pond while taking a walk there. The pool is bordered with olive trees and date palms. You can equally take great pictures at the Majorelle gardens, which were created by the French tailor Yves Saint Laurent, and the Agdal gardens. 

Bab Boujloud

Bab Boujloud is the iconic gate in Fes, Morocco. It is also known as the “Blue Gates of Fes”, quite famous for the best pictures for their glittering mosaic tiles. This is the standpoint for visitors who got lost among the crowds at the Medina busy marketplace. It is equally a landmark on a map. The blue gates dated back to the 12th century when French armies still occupied Morocco. Initially, they were designed to block herds of rams from entering the city. Inside, the gates are green, like the color of Islam. Yet, outside, it is blue, revealing the color of the blue city of Fes.

The colorful souks of the Jemaa el-Fna

For more incredible pictures, go to the souks or traditional marketplaces, in the old Medina city, Marrakech, and take pictures of the flamboyant traditional woven carpets and rugs, displayed on street stalls. Other handcrafts include colorful leather bags, wallets, shoes and handmade decorations. 

Tangier seaport

Also known as the blue and white city, Tangier is the main seaport and city of Northwestern Morocco. It was a where secret agents and international spies in great had their rendezvous. Do not miss taking pictures at the spot which has figured many times in spy movies and novels. This place has been marked by the influence of many civilizations on Morocco. Tangier is a popular tourist destination with its 7 km beaches, souks, Kasbah, bazaars. Other attractions include the Mendoubia Park, the Grottos of Hercules, which are all great scenes for photo shots.

Ouzoud Falls 

The 110-meter Ouzoud Falls of Marrakech consist of many tall waterfalls. It is possible to walk around the bottom of the waterfalls through a little path bordered with olive trees, which is a wonderful spot for pictures. It is also great to take photos of the scenic landscape from the top of the waterfalls. There, small mills are still used just like in the olden times.

La Mamounia Hotel

Located near the Jemaa el-Fnaa square in Marrakesh, the Mamounia palace hotel is a luxurious, comfortable, 5-star hotel. You can take great pictures in front of its awe-inspiring gardens and luxurious decorations. The hotel lies across from the Atlas Mountains, which enables a picturesque view of the mountain ranges from the hotel.

Nomads Restaurant

The Nomad restaurants in Medina are famous for its delicious food. To take great photos, it is best to shoot from the rooftop, facing the Atlas Mountains. Admire the view of the picturesque scenery from the restaurant.

Ben Youssef Mosque

The beautiful Ben Youssef Mosque is situated in Medina, Marrakesh. It was named after Yusuf ibn Tashfin and was built in 1070 as a worship place for the Muslims in Marrakech. It is unique in its Almoravid architecture, which makes a great souvenir picture.

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